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We break the mould

and transform your creative vision.

You may look at something as normal as a shopping centre thoroughfare and think it is common. Ordinary. But not to us. We look at it and see the opportunity. The opportunity to make it something extraordinary.

We find joy in delivering elegant events that packs pizzazz, style and individuality. We bring the best of ourselves to ensure your event is the best for you.

Fashion Event Catwalk

Our Process is as elegantly executed as our events

Success is always in the little details

We meet with you. Talk through what you want to achieve, then get to work to make preliminary sketches and plans.

We bring your creative vision to life. We do this by presenting you with lots of options and finding the perfect fit for your event.

We truly transform your event, activation or styling. We do this by engaging your team, working with ours and delivering the end product on time and on budget.

High Tea Event
Wedding Event Planning Table Setting
Wedding Event Planning Design
Wedding Event Planning Design

Event Activator


Noun: referring to quality or persons

A person with hefty design chops, with the rare ability to bring a dream into the real world, while at the same time transporting a physical space into a fantasy world, in a way that borders on being magic: an events magician.

Shopping centre activation
Shopping centre activation
Shopping centre activation

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